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Sisi route/tour - in the wake of Queen Elisabeth

This is a cross country thematic itinerary in culture. The route that crosses five countries drives the visitor throught the most important stages of the life of beautiful Sisi, Queen of the Hungarians and  wife of Franz Joseph Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and King of Hungary .
This itinerary introduces the most beautiful sights of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy: Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy, their most beautiful towns and cities, their utmost castles. Parts of it can be covered separately on a day-round tour or fully. The tour introduces a large number of monuments, places of an historical interest, museums, parks, cultural events, hotels, restaurants and cafes as well as wellness services.
The tour was started in 2002. It is the only cultural turistic product that crosses the European Union's former borders based on and exploring one historical person’s life.
The Sisi tour was given the Bavarian Innovation Prize in 2003 in the category town visiting and cross country tours.  Today the route takes the visitor from Bavaria via Austria to Hungary and from 2004 it continues down to Italy and the Adriatic See.
For more information on Sisi tour please visit: www.kiralyikastely.hu



The Hungarian passage
Budapest is a 2 to 2.5 hours drive from Vienna.
Herend – Budapest – Gödöllő – Máriabesnyő – Domonyvölgy
• In 1867 Elizabeth was crowned a Hungarian Queen in the Buda Castle in Budapest.
• On your was to Budapest it is worth stopping in Herend as here you can take a look at one of the world's most famous porcellain manufacture.
• 30 km East from Budapest in Gödöllő is Sisi's favourite Hungarian castle.
The drive takes a bit longer if you stop at Herend where you can take a look at one of the world's most famous porcellain manufacture. The white gold of Herend can also be seen at Silberkammer in Hofburg and the Royal Castle Gödöllő. The porcallain Manufacture used to be the Royal Vendor in the Emperor's time. The so called set of vessels with original patterns from Gödöllő and Eastern motifs was made for Sisi on orders by Franz Joseph. The exhibition on porcellain of Herend the visitor will be introduced the technique of porcallain manufacturing through films and a mini manufacture.
Queen Elizabeth was crowned in Buda castle. The Queen Elizabeth Exhibiton in Buda Castle was opened in 1908. A bronze sitting statue of Sisi at the Buda end of Elizabeth bridge in Budapest commemorates the Queen of the Hungarians. One of the most famous customers of Gerbeaud confectionery in Budapest was Queen Elizabeth.
You can book the Sisi room in Hotel Sissi in Budapest.
The royal Castle Gödöllő, 30 km East from Budapest was presented to the royal couple in 1869, the historical date of the Austro-Hungarian reconciliation, as a coronation present by the Hungarians. The castle was first named after its builder, Antal Grassalkovich and first known as Grasalkovich Castle. Now it is the biggest monumental baroque royal castle complex. The queen spent some of her happiest days in the castle. This is where she brought up her youngest daughter, Mary Valierie and that is how Mary Valerie got her name "magyar kisasszony" (Hungarian mademoiselle). Lord Spencer, one of Lady Diana's ancestors took part in a hunting event in Gödöllő. In 1901 the first full body statue of Queen Elizabeth was erected in Gödöllő, in the park that today bears her name. The statue is József Róna's work, a major sculptor of the time.
The castle together with its unique baroque theatre and the castle park with the royal pavilion reminds the visitor of the old times. The renovation works were praised by a number of international prizes.
Today the castle hosts a wide variety of concerts, exclusive dinners, diplomatic receptions in the Assembly Hall. The rest of the castle is made into a museum that commemorates its greatest resident: Sisi and her family.


An Excursion:
On your way to the next stop in the Sisi tour take a break and visit the Basilica Minor in Máriabesnyő. In the lower church, the crypt, you will find the crypt of Antal Grassalkovich and his family. Sisi took great joy in the long conversations she had with the Capucin monks whenever she stopped in her walks here.
A couple of kilometres away from Máriabesnyő there is the Equestrian Park of the Lázár brothers where you will find a wide range of equestrian as well as folkore programs with a possibility to see Hungarian heritage varieties of domestic animals and taste genuine Hungarian food.
Accomodation: Hotel Sissi, only a couple of steps away from Duna river, offers a great accomodation facility with a wonderful view on the river. Full relaxation is provided by the confortable rooms. There is also a possibility to book the Sisi room.
The Sisi pension in Gödöllő is near the castle, in the centre of Gödöllő.
Wellness: the Hungarian capital is extremely rich in wellness possibilities with a rich vairety of thermal baths.

 For more information visit:   
Gödöllői Királyi Kastély Kht., H-2100 Gödöllő, Pf. 406, Tel.: +36/28-420-588, Fax: +36/28-422-077, ertekesites@kiralyikastely.hu, www.kiralyikastely.hu
Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Rt., H-8440 Herend, Kossuth L. út 140., Tel.: +36/88-523-190 Fax: +36/88-260-566, , info@herend.com, www.herend.com
Lázár Lovaspark, H-2182 Domonyvölgy, Tel.. +36/28-576-51, Fax: +36/28-576-511, lazarteam@elender.hu, www.lazarteam.hu
Sisi hotels on the Sisi route/itinerary:
Hotel Sissi, H-1094 Budapest, Angyal u. 33., Tel.: +36/1-215-0082, Fax: +36/1-216-6063,hsissi@matavnet.hu, www.hotelsissi.hu
Panzió Sissi, H-2100 Gödöllő, Dózsa Gy. út 36., Tel.: +36/28-545-540, Fax: +36/28-545-551panziosissi@invitel.hu

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