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Secession itinerary in Gödöllő

The Art Colony (for further information on the Art Colony see Art Colony page) in Gödöllő was the only Hungarian art group with a European fame to deal with secession at the beginning of the 20th century. The artistic colony grouped around Aladár Körösfői Kriesch, a major artist of the time and it represented a major element of the Hungarian art history both in its theories and in its goals.

Why were Lev Tolstoy, the famous Russian writer, the Renaissance painters and the Preraffaelite painters their icons?  Why did they tour the country in search for folkart? What were their eating habits, how they dressed and raised their children? What works of art did they improve Hungarian art with?

The answers are given by the evidence they left over in their houses and their art. The tour is guided by Csaba Tóth, the employee of Gödöllő Town Museum and expert on secession who will also drive you through the only year round exhibition on Secession in Hungary.

• Sándor Nagy's House
• Leó Belmonte's House
• Aladár Körösfői Kriesch's House
• The building of the weaving art group
• Jenő Remsey's House

The last stop in the tour is the Applied Arts' Workshop or GIM House (Gödöllői Iparművészeti Műhely). GIM House is the cluster of Hungarian and international artists to deal with applied arts and who, through their work, make Gödöllő's fame and atmosphere in arts live on. A special experience is the garden of GIM House which is populated with a wide variety of plants that make it surpisingly different and beautiful every season.

The tour takes: 2 hours 
Schedules: Mondays to Fridays from 8.00 am to 16.00 pm
                                      upon previous registration
Minimum number of group: 10 people
Price: 1,000 HUF/person

Registration: Gödöllői Városi Múzeum (Gödöllő Town Museum)
                                      5 Szabadság tér (square), Gödöllő.
                                      Program coordinator: Csaba Tóbiás
                                      telefon: +36-28-422 002, +36-20- 469 08 69
                                e-mail:  gmuzeum.g@gmail.com




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