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Local Authority Gödöllő
: 7 Szabadság square, Gödöllő, 2100.
Address: 7 Szabadság square, Gödöllő, 2100. PO Box: 385.
Phone: +36 (28) 529-100;
Fax: +36 (28) 529-255; +36 (28) 529-251
E-mail: pmh@godollo.hu
Website: www.godollo.hu



Hamvay Mansion

5 Szabadság (Liberty) square

The mansion, a one-storey characteristic baroque building in the town centre recalls Gödöllő's baroque era with its typical yellow color, the wrought-iron lamps, the inner garden with its arcade. Ferenc Hamvay, landed lord of Gödöllő, built this mansion (a ground level building at the time) in 1662. In the 18th century it was rebuilt and became a one storey building when Antal Grassalkovich I made it a guesthouse. Then it fulfilled a number of functions: Gödöllő's first pharmacy was opened in it in 1814.Some of the ceiling decorations in the interiors of the ground floor are probably left from that time. In the 19th century it became the hotel bearing the name of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. From this time on the hotel was the venue for numerous cultural and artistic events like theatre performances, it hosted a casino and a number of balls in its Ball Room. The Commemorative Room arranged in 1927 in the school operating in the building until 1988 is home to a collection of souvenirs of Gödöllő's history and cultural life. Later on in 1978 another collection on local history was exhibited the successor of which came to be the Town Museum Gödöllő. The Hamvay Mansion and the market in its garden were renovated in 1998-99 and the works were awarded numerous national and international prizes.

Hamvay Mansion

Town Market -5 Liberty square

The town market is a lively place with a special historical atmosphere. You will meet farmers dressed in their traditional clothes and beautifully organizes stands with a great range of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The market reflects good old times and a warm atmosphere.
At the end of your shopping you will be thrilled to taste the traditional Hungarian "rétes" (an especially tasty traditional pastry) in 8 different compositions.

The Pelican Well  - 5 Liberty square

A major sculptor, Tamás Asszonyi's work of art, the Pelican Well, was erected in the middle of the market in 2000. You will find it refreshing and overwhelming to take a rest on the surrounding benches and watch the most important symbol of Gödöllő: a pelican that feeds its young with its own blood.  The town is wonderful place to take baroque photos.

Pelican Well


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