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Stable Castle Babat

Until the 13th century Babat used to be an individual settlement with a large number of   inhabitants. History tells us that a considerable devastation of Babat was caused by the Tatar invasions and Babat was never fully recovered. Around 1750 Antal Grassalkovich I built his baroque style stable castle here. The central part of the "U" shaped building was used as suites and the two side wings were designed for stables for the sheep.  The scope for building this castle was that Antal Grassalkovich had a daughter who suffered from acute pneumonia and the benevolent air from the sheep stable was to cure her from the illness. Thus the ceiling of the countess’ suit neighbouring the stable was left open. The castle was rebuilt by Antal Grassalkovich III in the classical style around 1820. New reliefs were added to the central facade's rizalit. The reliefs show scenes form the agricultural life and animal husbandry practices of the locals. The reliefs are probably the work of József Huber. The castle can be seen from the outside. For safety reasons no entrance is allowed for the moment.
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