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Local Authority Gödöllő
: 7 Szabadság square, Gödöllő, 2100.
Address: 7 Szabadság square, Gödöllő, 2100. PO Box: 385.
Phone: +36 (28) 529-100;
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Royal waiting room

1 Állomás square

The present train station was built for the royal couple (Elizabeth and Franz Joseph) so that they can reach Gödöllő from Budapest. A convenience factor in the waiting room is that both the queen and the emperor had separate waiting rooms: the one with the yellow silk wallcovering was that of Elizabeth's and the green one with the statues of the royal couple was that of Franz Joseph's. The statues were made by Alajos Stróbl and are at present in the Town Museum Gödöllő.
The reconstruction works of the building built with Ionic culumns in 1874 are underway. The building with a dome roof, wrought iron culumns, elaborate platform cover, new driveway for the carriages and flowerbeads will host an exhibition which will show the past time royal waiting rooms' atmoshere with souvenirs, miniatures of old trains and furniture. The royal statues will be placed back on their original places. Photgraphs and cards will be also exhibited to invoke the old royal times.

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