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Maria Immaculata, Marian Column

Szabadság (Liberty) Square
The beautiful baroque composition of the Immaculate Mary and the Immaculate Conception is a unique memorial. On its pedestal you will find four reliefs which relate four important occasions of the Virgin Mary's life: Mary meets Elizabeth, Mary's holy Invitation, Introduction of Mary in the Church and her Holy Ascention. Such Marian columns can be seen in Hainburg (Austria) and Nyitra (Slovakia) which were also made by Martin Vögerl Austrian artist. The coulmns were built upon orders by Antal Grassalkovich I in the 18th century. Such columns were erected in the belief that they would defend against natural disasters and as a thanksgiving and were erected in public places. The pedestal of the Marian Column in Liberty square is surrounded by four Saints: Saint Therese of Avila, Saint Florian and Saint Rókus. Mary, with her crown of twelve stars, stands on top of the flowery column. The stone was made from grit and thus it underwent a number of reconstructions, the last of which was comleted in 2006. Around the column you will find the little garden with the roses symbolising the Immaculate Conception, the well known attribute of the Virgin Mary: "rose without thorns". 

Maria Immaculata, Marian Column

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